The 5-stars-certification of GARANT Group is a solution-oriented qualification-instrument: Based on KAIZEN, the business model will be permanently scanned for weaknesses, and thus the performance and customers satisfaction levels permanently incrased. Our specialised consultants and trainers quest the strenghts and weaknesses of the retailer partners yearly, and suggest concepts for optimization for a permanent improvement of the performance portfolio.

The targeted work with the professional and personal competence results in a higher turnover and regional radiance.

Here are the 3 most important advantages of a 5-start-certification at a glance:

Competence Creates Trust

As a 5-stars-partner, you give your consumer a promise of value – just as with the hotel classifications. Stars stand for quality – and quality wins trust.

Competence Creates Competitive Advantages

With the 5-star-certification, retail partners of GARANT Group secure themselves a unique retailer-profile in their regional surroundings – and therefore a clear head start in the fight for the customer.

Competence Creates Sustainability
Well educated skilled employees with social competence are the guarantee for successful sales, a high conversion rate, and long-term customer retention.